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Wedding Cakes

Posted on: August 25th, 2012 by Cake Toppers No Comments

I am very lucky to have had some photos of cake toppers sent to me from happy customers on their weddings days and on the wedding cakes.

It is really lovely that people take the time to send them to me and it is nice after making them to see where they end up!

Thank you Lene and Laura x

Wedding Cake



Not a topper in sight!

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No relevance to cake toppers in any way but have been playing with instagram again. I love the textures on this old door frame at Dunster Dovecote, such amazing lines, had to share!

Kiln update: toppers are fired!

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Well the new kiln has been fired a few times already and so it’s back to all systems go go go! A small backlog of toppers appeared which I don’t like…stress, lots of very late nights though and all sorted!! A few little mini mes have been fired already from bisque to glaze so I am very happy and very relieved. Just need to sort out the old kiln, going to try and have a go at fixing it myself, but I am pretty sure the outcome will be getting someone else to do it, probably safer. Can’t put any of the fired toppers on here yet, as the weddings and the Christening haven’t happened yet so I don’t want to spoil any surprises!

Here is a previous topper just to make this blog look prettier! ; )


This topper is from Atop of the tier –



Oooo new kiln!

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This is the new member of the family! Sounds extreme but I do spend alot of time with my kilns ; )
It was like my main kiln new though as soon as the new one was paid for, the old one went pop so has gone from back up to main before it was even plugged in. First topper is firing now, can’t wait to check it


Mini me….or should that be Mini you!

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We have two sizes of toppers available from two separate websites.

If you are looking for a basic cheaper option, but still a ceramic personalised cake topper then these are perfect.
Small additions can be added little cats, dogs or a basic uniform match. They are still 100% ceramic and will be made to match your hair, clothing and skin etc.

If you are looking for a larger more detailed topper then these are for you. They are a similar style but bigger and much more detailed. You can add pretty much anything to these toppers and are again made from pottery so will last forever. They really are top quality luxury toppers!

Not forgetting the pets…..
If you are looking for an ornament of your pet we can do that do that to! We can make your dog, cat, chicken, guinea pig and more. There are lots of examples on the website for you to have a look at

Can’t see what you were thinking….don’t worry just ask, we can’t list everything we are asked for so if you have a different idea just ask, you never know! We want to do whatever we can to make your cake topper part of your perfect wedding cake.

Musician Cake Toppers

Posted on: August 16th, 2012 by Cake Toppers 2 Comments

Musical instruments are a popular addition to the cake toppers. It is a hobby or occupation that people are very passionate about and when having a mini me made what better time to show what you love.

Drum kits, guitars, brass instruments and more have been made and more recently this grand piano cake topper.

The piano keys were tricky, but I loved painting them to get the fished result.

Music themed cake toppers from



Woodland cake topper

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I loved making this this topper, the base was a real challenge!

It includes mushrooms, toadstools, leaves, a bird, a mouse and a few conkers. I love the woodland theme being carried through on to the cake topper it makes it really special.

It’s always fascinating how different we all are, that even a bride and groom for a wedding cake, can be so different with each couple and how much can be shown about a person with a little but of clay!
This topper is from the Atop of the tier range –

Cake toppers back to front!

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I don’t show the back of the cake toppers very often, so here’s a few! A good use of the football shirts is to add names and the date just like the one for Mr & Mrs T! 

These toppers are from the website


Up to date!

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I’m not the best when it comes to technology, but I do try to keep up. This last few weeks I have added flickr, pinterest and instagram to the collection. There are so many things to be part of online and some of them do feel a bit like a community. It is a great way to share what you do, and also find out what other people are up to. Perfect wedding inspiration.


For anyone wanting to join me or exchange pages etc here is where I am!

Facebook –
I update facebook quite regularly and I am always on the lookout for all things lovely to share!

Twitter –
I am very partial to the odd tweet : )

Flickr –
New to flickr but have added quite alot all ready

Pinterest –
Very new to pinterest, but have already found it a brilliant waste of time, so many amazing things to look at I love it!

Instagram – katetopper
I love the effects you can put on photos, but this is definitely still a learning curve, pretty sure I’ll work it out though, having lots of fun trying!

If I’ve missed anything let me know, always on the look out  for new things to try x x x


Civil partnerships up by 6.4%

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Just had a really interesting email from

‘The number of civil partnerships in the UK has risen, according to provisional figures released by the Office for National Statistics. There were 6,795 such partnerships in 2011, an increase of 6.4% since 2010. The number of civil partnerships formed since the legislation came into force stood at 53,417 by the end of last year.

This is great news, at Atop of the tier we have always been big supporters to the right to gay marriage and think it is fantastic that it is becoming more common place.

Congratulations to  for 9 years of the UK’s official gay Wedding Show.

They are proud to have offered the shows and opened the doors across the UK to over 10,000 visitors since its launch in 2004, helping gay couples to arrange their weddings and ceremonies, legal information and Equality Issues and the most important honeymoon.

For a list of up coming events please go to

This is a selection of some of the toppers made for civil partnerships from for the more detailed toppers and for the mini toppers



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