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I love happy customers!!!

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I had a really lovely email and photo today, from a happy customer, it means so much to me when people love their cake toppers….

‘I cant tell you how amazed and surprised Rupert was by the topper – he loves it to pieces and it is now pride of place on our dresser!! All of our guests were delighted by it and said how well you captured us all – we cannot recommend you enough! Not just for the skill and gorgeousness of the topper itself but in your professionalism and efficientness throughout the process, i think you were the easiest thing to organise for the whole wedding, and the topper was the very thing we were most pleased with.

You are an absolute star and i am raving about you to all my friends and clients! Thank you so much for an everlasting perfect memento of our day and our lives at the time, we will cherish it forever.’

Here it is on the wedding cake, it looks lovely, the whole setting looks so beautiful : )

Wedding cake and topper


This style of topper is from>


A lovely thank you

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Just wanted to share this lovely thank you from a happy customer. I do get some really kind messages from customers to say how much they like their toppers, and it genuinely means alot to me, to know that they are happy. This thank you was extra special as the cake topper was on the card! This topper is from the Atop of the tier website –

If you would like to read the testimonials please go to – or




Olympics 2012

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The Olympics has begun! London 2012. Seeing all the flags of the world at the opening ceremony made me think about all the flags I have made over the years on the wedding cake toppers. Some are flags from the UK, and then at the other end of the scale the Union Jack and the flag of Australia. Because of the small scale they are always tricky to paint, but a lovely touch to represent something personal about you.

Another topper I have made recently was this one which represented the bride and grooms love of traveling all over the world , it was a topper globe with bride and groom, and even a copy of their own luggage. It is a completely ceramic topper so will last forever. I didn’t think I’d ever be making the whole world! I needed a globe to copy getting countries in the right place wasn’t as easy as I had expected, but loved the end result. 

This topper was another way to represent the couples nationality, two Welsh dragons, for a civil partnership, it was great fun to make and a really unique design with the blackboard and football scarf. The red was really striking and was great to see the transformation from clay to dragons.

Even though I can’t ship the toppers overseas anymore, they have and are still traveling further than I ever will. Lots of brides have packed them in suitcases and have taken them all over the world, it’s a strange but good feeling to know that the little people that start out in the workshop are important enough to travel all that way for such a special day as a wedding.


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