Cake topper bookings

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Just a quick update for 2015 –  Fully booked until May 2015, limited spaces available for June, July and August. Spaces available for June 2015 onwards. Full details not needed at time of booking. Fireman Cake Topper

These toppers are from the two websites. The fireman topper is from our more detailed range Atop of the tier at and the topper below is a more simple range cake toppers at me cake topper

Wedding Cake Flowers

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I love the use of flowers on wedding cakes, I think it gives a really elegant look.

This is a photo of a cake topper sent to me from a happy customer, showing a topper and flowers on the cake.

It is a fireman cake topper on a tired cake with the flowers wrapped around, I think it looks beautiful.

Fireman Cake Topper

Popular Cake Toppers

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Just an update to say now fully booked until October, it is really exciting that the toppers are so popular and I look forward to making each one.

Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers

Gretna Green

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There have been a few requests for Gretna Green cake toppers this year.

Pictured here is one in white and one in purple so it can match the colour scheme.
The topper pictured on the cake is a lovely story which is told here in the review kindly left by Fiona

‘Thank you so much for our beautiful cake topper of Gretna Green sign and the anvil. It went on top of our cake along with a Christmas spray and we had been married several days earlier and everyone thought they were coming to a pre-Christmas party!
It will now be a perfect keepsake of our special day.’

I think that is such a lovely story and a great surprise for friends and family.

The signpost toppers don’t have t be Gretna Green and an anvil, it can be made with any wording or accessory that suits you, they can be ordered from

The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation

Posted on: June 4th, 2013 by Cake Toppers No Comments have recently heard about this amazing charity who help people dealing with terminal illness to organise and fund their wedding day.

It is such an amazing special idea that I just had to share it!

Here is some of the info from the website, but I would recommend a proper look at what they do

There are many men and women in the UK living with life limiting conditions or terminal illnesses who long to marry their special partner in life.

We, at The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation believe that few things in life can be more important or rewarding, than giving such a person a chance to have their dream wedding day, with all the excitement, love and happiness that brings.
As we are fully aware that time can be precious, we are able to organise the arrangements against the clock where required.

We fund raise to ensure that as many costs incurred are covered as possible and we work closely with very generous wedding suppliers who kindly donate their services for free or at a reduced rate.

With their help we can help transform lives and make a real difference.
For many families, the memory of a happy wedding day can be a cherished moment. Surrounded by family and friends, enjoying each other’s company and being full of joy and laughter; a wedding day is an occasion where everyone can look back and remember that special event, and smile.

We appreciate that none of this would be possible without our hard work and determination or without our suppliers and service provider’s generosity. These factors are integral to our success and we are constantly striving to ensure the organisation grows and flourishes so we can to provide such a service to all over the coming years.
Currently, we are based in Taunton, Somerset and operate locally in the South West area primarily but with more fundraising, continued support from generous suppliers and invaluable publicity, we have been able to increase exposure to our profile allowing us to take the foundation across the whole of the UK, helping more and more people enjoy the wedding day of their dreams.

There is also a wedding dress amnesty set up by Johnsons the cleaners that is a brilliant idea and one that you could tell your friends and family about, every dress helps!

For more information go to

Nutshell photography

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This is a post about a new photographer I have come across who has lovely work, that I thought was worth sharing

This is a very small selection of what Kate’s work is about and more can be found on her website

her facebook page

and flickr

Here is a bit about Kate so you can find out more about her –

”I am a freelance writer and photographer working in the south west of England. I have been writing and taking photographs since I was a child and now work with my clients to discover the best way to promote products, convey information and captivate audiences – through words and pictures.

I produce copy for press releases, marketing literature, leaflets, websites, blogs and magazines. My photography work can be linked to my writing, so I can offer a full service to cover news stories and produce illustrated publications. I also welcome photographic commissions for weddings and other events, portraits and library images.”

Wedding gifts and decorations

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I took a quick trip to Dunster this week, to visit my favourite shop in the world.
It is full of lovely gift and home ideas and is beautifully presented. This time I noticed a lovely display of wedding things. There is a lovely selection of ideas and helpful advice is there if needed about quantities and colours etc.

If you can’t make it to Dunster they also have a website –

The 5 Quarters is a family run business & shop based in the picturesque village of Dunster in Somerset. We have been welcoming our valued customers to the shop since Dec 2004 when we first opened.

Our aim is to bring magic, joy & love into people’s lives by sourcing beautiful gifts for you, your home or a present for someone special.
Why is the shop called The 5 Quarters?

Our philosophy lies within the beauty & magic found in nature, her elements, seasons & cycles. Based on an ancient system, the Wheel of the Year journeys through Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Spirit, the 5th element. By re-acquainting ourselves with the elements, we begin to become more conscious of the natural world, which can help bring balance & harmony into our busy modern lives.

We have carefully sourced items that represent & reflect the qualities of each element, in particular our range of crystals & fossils, either in their natural form or set in sterling silver jewellery. ”

Dunster as a whole is a wonderful place to visit and is now a place to consider for your wedding, from the planning to the actual day. My photos don’t really do it justice so I would recommend a visit to see for yourself.

Lovely photos by SueJay Photography

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This isn’t a wedding related post, unless you want to buy someone a very lovely wedding gift!
Its just to tell you about a photographer I met recently, Sue Gutteridge.
What amazed me the most was her ability to capture animals so well,
especially deer, the shots are so lovely. My personal favourite is the smiling donkeys.
SueJay Photography
Donkey love
There is a selection on the website –,
and if you get a chance its well worth visiting Sue at one of the exhibitions she will be attending.

Will keep you posted with other lovely work I have recently found : )

Booking up fast

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Well it’s that time of year already, we are booked up until June 2013 at Atop of the tier – and there is only limited spaces available until September. We are really grateful for the support from our customers and look forward to making some amazing cake toppers throughout the year.

Football cake topper

New Year and New Cake Toppers

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Well the new years resolution was to blog more, which as it’s now February and this is my first one, I’m not doing so well. The good news is I haven’t had chance to because of all the cake toppers being made for 2013 weddings already, which is fantastic. Most months are nearly booked up already, which is very exciting with some great ideas ready to be made.

If you would like to book for 2013 I would recommended booking asap so you don’t miss out, and bookings are coming in now for 2014 as well.

A belated happy new year!

January 2013



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