Designer dog collars

Posted on: September 14th, 2012 by Cake Toppers No Comments

I recently made a topper which included a lovely dog Zeus. For the wedding Zeus was wearing a lovely polka dot bow tie made especially for the wedding.









They are made by a company called Holly&Lil’s –

Holly&Lil’s leather dog collars are designer originals, hand-made in London, England . They aim to create fabulous looking dog & cat collars that are of exceptional quality and extremely durable! Shop online or at their “pet” Shop near London Bridge, London SE1: all your dogs are welcome. (The whole St is dog friendly).

There are so many original styles and designs to choose from, well worth a look, it’s a fantastic idea.

Big thank you to Katie for sending me the lovely photos from her wedding day, they are beautiful, it all looks so perfect (including Zeus), I love the sunflowers on the cake, they create a lovely shape.

Topper from Atop of the tier


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