Whatever you want!

Posted on: September 13th, 2012 by Cake Toppers No Comments

The good thing with a handmade cake topper is anything goes.
There are some things you just can’t find in a shop.
This topper is a perfect example, four cuddly hippos and a cuddly stingray for the bride to hold.
Or the bride in this topper is wearing an amazing designer wedding dress,
complete with sports kit, shoe box and stethoscope
Or even a cake topper with the bride and groom hiding binoculars and a fish behind their backs!

Whatever you like can be added, those quirky little extras can make it something really special to treasure that really captures you on your wedding day, but also a topper that symbolizes something important to you.

From the traditional to the extreme, make it something special to you for you to treasure forever

Toppers featured are from Atop of the tier

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